Public Sector- Aviation- GSA

Cannon Air Force Base 


MARKET: Public Sector, Aviation
CLIENT: United States Air Force 
END USE: C-130 Hangars 
SIZE: 23,750 Square Feet Each (2) 
LOCATION: Cannon Air Force Base, NM 

The Air Force used the GSA procurement to save time and money. The base was previously designated to be closed and at the eleventh hour, the base was pulled from closing and slated for an entire operations change-out for the 3rd Special Operations Squadron for the Drone/Predator warfare.

The Air Force was able to respond with a very short fuse for their funding, allowing them to create a design/build RFQ, publish the RFQ, and evaluate and award very quickly. The operations of this new program utilizes the C-130 aircraft. The aircraft could not be used at this base until the required facilities for maintaining the large planes were operational. The Butler-GSA group of BlueScope Construction designed, manufactured, and constructed the hangars and required infrastructure necessary for the operations in a very short amount of time allowing this new Special Operations group to begin their program on schedule.