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Multi-Site Construction Expertise

Streamlined Collaboration

We can design your facility, fabricate the parts, and erect the building with one design process. Our single-source approach saves time, money, and maintenance. And, after the facility is built, you have your building structural and roof warranties through one company.

Minimized Risk

Our parent company, BlueScope, is an $8 billion international steel solutions company with operations in more than 30 countries. With their strong financial backing, you are assured that we will be here to service your facility and future project needs for years to come.

Lowest Total Cost

We can make the most impact on costs, schedules and quality by working together from day one. We can help with site selection, processing equipment layouts, facility design, and many other value-added suggestions to help you achieve the lowest total cost facility with the quality and completion dates you need.

Localized Expertise

Licensed in all 50 states, we have an affiliation with 2,000+ builders across the country who are experts in their fields and communities. They are a valuable source of information regarding local labor availability, subcontractor qualifications, materials and equipment resources, and other local services.

Dedicated Resources

We can overcome local labor shortages and pricing inequities and find the best combination of price, quality and schedule for you.

Bluescope Construction Philosophy

To develop long-term relationships with customers, architects, subcontractors, and suppliers for the purpose of achieving the owner’s business objectives by capitalizing on each other’s unique strengths so that the success of the alliances are maximized.

These alliances are based on trust, dedication to common goals,and respect for each other’s individual expectations and values. Expected benefits include: improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, increased innovation, and continuous process improvement for quality products and services.

We value-engineer your project, not just the structure, by merging top-grade design expertise with construction experience and visibility throughout the entire value chain. Most of our employees have decades of experience with complex, design-build projects - experience you can trust.

-Josh Wight, President, BlueScope Construction