About Bluescope Construction


BlueScope Construction is a full service design-build general contractor that has designed and delivered more than 1,000 government facilities without liquidated damages, litigation, or termination. We are licensed in all 50 states and provide an unequaled execution capacity with sound financial wherewithal. Through these two unique contract offerings, which are based upon our commercial practices, we can offer complete planning and budgeting services without costs or obligation as our customers progress through their due diligence efforts.

BlueScope Construction has two contract options available to you. Our Sourcewell contract provides building solutions for city, county, state, and other local government agencies; educational facilities, including both public and private institutions that serve kindergarten through higher education students; and nonprofits. Our GSA Schedule Contract serves the needs of federal government agencies.

Our team delivers a best value firm fixed price for your facility needs, within budget, on-time and with the level of quality our customers desire. Our unequaled services and construction solutions provide easy answers for all types of facilities including animal shelters, community centers, offices, maintenance facilities, hangars, barracks, athletic facilities, schools, storage facilities, and warehouses. We do not bid low and change order our way to prosperity. Our firm fixed price doesn’t change unless the owner would like to change the scope.

Sourcewell Vendor


BlueScope Construction is the only company to be awarded a design-build turnkey contract from Sourcewell (formerly NJPA). As a government agency, Sourcewell has satisfied the bid process allowing their members to take advantage of the benefits of this purchasing cooperative saving them time and money while ensuring the quality they deserve.

GSA Federal Supply Schedule


Since 1993, BlueScope Construction has been part of the General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule. Federal agencies can purchase construction from us without going through the public bid procurement process.

How We Satisfy The Bid Process For The Public Sector

As a vendor with an awarded Sourcewell contract, we have been rigorously vetted by the leading government agency specializing in cooperative purchasing. We completed their competitive solicitation process, which included considerations such as pricing, customer service, and warranties. During the competitive solicitation process, BlueScope Construction was the top-scoring respondent. We are the only design-build contractor and manufacturer to be awarded a Sourcewell contract, which encompasses turnkey, design-build services, material-erect solutions, site preparation, and installation services, for both new facility construction and renovation. Sourcewell members, including government, education, and nonprofit agencies, save time, money, and headaches by purchasing through our ready-to-use, competitively solicited contract.

Our GSA Schedule Contract allows federal agencies to purchase our buildings factory-direct, along with our locally executed design-build services. The contracts contain pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties, and other terms and conditions which streamline the procurement process.

See The Benefits Of Working With BlueScope Construction

To better serve its community, after decades of growth, Greene County Parks & Trails (OH) needed to bring four different departments under one roof. This was the agency’s first construction project in 40 years. By using their Sourcewell membership and choosing BlueScope Construction, they procured a 10,000 sf larger building at a cost savings of $1m compared to the architectural estimate they received. Greene County estimates this process saved them, at a minimum, 3-4 months, allowing them to occupy the building they needed sooner.

Learn how BlueScope Construction helps government, education, and nonprofit entities get the quality building they deserve.