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Aircraft Hangar Construction And Design

Design-Build Hangars from Start to Finish

When you need aviation expertise you can trust, no other design-build general contractor offers the same level of experience and service as BlueScope Construction. As the only design-build contractor with an integrated supply chain from raw steel to finished construction, we deliver faster, more efficient aircraft hangar construction services that fit your needs and budget.

Specialized Hangar Construction

From on-site construction at some of the nation’s busiest airports to design-build hangar services for military use, we have the experience your aviation construction project needs for take-off. Our team has built all types of aircraft hangars, from maintenance hangars with HAZMAT storage, shop and paint areas, to fixed-base operational facilities for corporate and commercial clients like Southwest Airlines. Whether your project is 6,000 or 200,000 square feet, we are proven experts in all types of steel hangar construction.

30 hangars in 30 days.

That was the request from the Air National Guard in response to the September 11th attacks in the United States, and we delivered. All hangars were functional on schedule. When your project demands fast and efficient hangar construction services, we have the tools and experience needed to deliver the results.

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Premium Standards for Aircraft Hangar Construction 

At BlueScope Construction, we understand the challenges that arise when building a large, clearspan facility like an aviation hangar. Using our industry knowledge and expertise, we ensure all safety and quality needs are met with state-of-the-art lighting, proper fire protection, temperature-controlled materials, efficient ventilation systems, and more. No matter the scope, your team’s long-term safety and success is our highest priority.


This has been one of the best contractors I have ever worked with. I would have them on any project regardless of size. They were more concerned with the quality of the job than anything else. Absolutely the best to work with.

-Contract Specialist, US Air Force

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