Public Sector- Sourcewell

City of Augusta Solid Waste Division Facility


MARKET: Public Sector, Sourcewell
CLIENT: City of Augusta, KS
END USE: Government. Office space and maintenance garage
SIZE: 8,191 square feet

The Solid Waste Division of Augusta needed a new facility to house its offices, as well as the equipment required to service its residents and businesses. Previously, the division was headquartered at another site in a building that was prone to flooding both inside and outside.

Additionally, the department had recently made a significant investment in its fleet, modernizing equipment to include two automated side-loader trucks; two rear-load trucks; and one roll-off dumpster truck. Due to limited space at its old location, the city had to store its new equipment outside, a less than ideal situation. To correct this issue and plan for future growth, the city knew it was time to develop a new facility.

The City of Augusta contracted with BlueScope Construction utilizing the Sourcewell purchasing cooperative agreement. By utilizing its Sourcewell membership, the City got the best value on the pre-engineered metal building structure, while using local subcontractors, and saving time in the bid process. It only took six months from the start of site work to the completion of the facility.

The new building features seven overhead doors, offices, a conference room, restrooms, a breakroom, a locker room and a garage. The composition of the new facility provides employees with a better workflow. Plus, the natural lighting in the new work bays is a welcome addition to the maintenance and garage area. Using the Sourcewell contract for the purchasing process was so successful that the City plans to utilize the contract again for additional facilities.

Local Builder Partner: Commerce Construction Services, Wichita, Kansas