Public Sector- Sourcewell

Greene County Parks & Trails Facility


MARKET: Public Sector, Sourcewell
CLIENT: Green County
END USE: Offices, shop and maintenance facility
SIZE: 26,565 sq. ft.; 2 units: Office - 85'x127'x13' and Garage - 95'x166'x19'-9"

The County wanted to develop a new facility to house four departments of the Park & Trails into one building and include a shop and maintenance area for their vehicles. The County engaged a design firm to generate a preliminary design and estimate but the estimate came in well over budget. Plus, now they had little time to have the facility completed by the end of the calendar year.

The local Butler Builder, Brentwood Builders, had briefed the county previously on utilizing the Sourcewell purchasing cooperative to design and build new facilities without going through the traditional design-bid-build process. The County reached out to Brentwood and BlueScope Construction, the Sourcewell construction supplier contract holder.

After completing its due diligence, the County determined that building through the Sourcewell contract would give the quality building they desired faster and within their budget.

Following the completion of the project, a Greene County official listed several benefits of the Sourcewell solution:

  1. The process saved, at minimum, 3-4 months on bidding, approvals, credentials.
  2. They saved an unmeasurable amount of staff time.
  3. They saved time on the many layers of reviews and approvals required for the traditional bidding process.
  4. The project resulted in a 10,000 square foot larger building and a cost savings of $1,000,000.