Sports and Recreation

University of Michigan Indoor Track Facility 


MARKET: Sports & Recreation
CLIENT: Granger Construction Company 
END USE: Athletic facility 
SIZE: 97,119  square feet

The University of Michigan realized that many of their athletic facilities were nearly 50 years old and the needs of athletes had changed dramatically during that time. The existing indoor track building needed to be updated into a modern facility. The Michigan vision was to move the outdoor track and field facility to a new dedicated area, and create a place where Big Ten, national and international competitions could finally be held.

BlueScope Construction worked with the local Builder to provide structural design, materials, and steel erection for the new indoor track facility. The facility features one of the few hydraulically controlled tracks in the United States.

The project was built to LEED Silver certification and the design includes numerous energy and environmental saving solutions to help achieve this goal. On-site erection was less than six months.