Public Sector

US Coast Guard Fast Response Cutter Support Facility


MARKET: Government
CLIENT: US Coast Guard
END USE: Support Building
SIZE: 11,050 square feet
LOCATION: Miami Beach, Florida

The US Coast Guard needed to upsize and upgrade their cutters to be able to patrol in deeper water, further from the coast, for both a higher level of security as well as drug interdiction. BlueScope Construction (BSC) was awarded the Task Order for the design-build project under a special Homeland Security National Multiple Award Construction Contract (NMACC).

The extremely limited building site on Terminal Island presented special challenges. BSC had to demolish the existing structure, construct new facility, partly rehab an existing building, connect new water, sewer, fire protection, power and telecommunications services to new building, add new parking and other sitework, all without interfering with operations on a very small and crowded active Coast Guard base. Shipments came via a two-lane road with limited storage on site. A con­struction crane had to be delivered by barge.

In addition, because this is a Homeland Security opera­tion, personnel had to be specially vetted, carry proper ID at all times and could not stray from specific areas on base. The facility is within yards of the ocean and warnings of winds of gale force or stronger caused BlueScope Construction to take every prac­ticable precaution to minimize danger to person, the work, and to adjacent property. Precautions included closing all openings, removing all loose materials, tools and equipment from exposed locations, and removing or securing scaffolding and other temporary work.

BSC met all expectations and delivered a quality facility that exceeded the minimum LEED requirements, achieving LEED Gold certification.